- "Simplicité" embraces a philosophy of refined simplicity, offering patrons an intimate dining experience where the essence of Japanese cuisine shines through in a relaxed setting.
- The restaurant's name, "Simplicité," reflects its commitment to stripping away the unnecessary, inviting guests to appreciate the purity of flavors and the artistry of Japanese cooking.


- The cuisine at "Simplicité" is a celebration of Japanese culinary traditions fused with modern sensibilities.
- Drawing inspiration from seasonal ingredients and time-honored techniques, each dish embodies a harmonious balance of flavors and textures.
- From delicate sushi rolls to hearty bowls of ramen, the menu showcases the diversity and depth of Japanese gastronomy.


- "Simplicité" envelops diners in a serene yet welcoming ambiance, with minimalist décor that exudes understated elegance.
- The tranquil atmosphere encourages guests to unwind and savor their dining experience, whether seated at the intimate wooden tables or enjoying the view of a traditional Japanese garden from the tatami mat seating.

Cooking Method:

- The cooking methods employed at "Simplicité" are rooted in tradition, with a focus on bringing out the natural flavors of the ingredients.
- From precise sushi preparation to the art of tempura frying, each technique is executed with precision and care, ensuring that every dish is a testament to the mastery of Japanese culinary craftsmanship.

Beverage Selection:

- In addition to the exquisite cuisine, "Simplicité" offers a thoughtfully curated selection of Japanese sake, shochu, and tea to complement the dining experience.
- Guests can choose from a variety of sake flights or opt for a traditional matcha ceremony, enhancing their meal with the perfect beverage pairing.

Menu Highlights:

- Signature dishes such as fresh sashimi platters, perfectly grilled yakitori skewers, and comforting bowls of udon noodles exemplify the culinary excellence found at "Simplicité."
- The menu also features seasonal omakase options, allowing guests to entrust the chef with creating a personalized dining experience tailored to their preferences.


- Dining at "Simplicité" is a journey of discovery, where each bite is an exploration of Japanese culture and tradition.
- Whether enjoying a leisurely lunch or an intimate dinner, guests are invited to immerse themselves in the art of Japanese cuisine, experiencing firsthand the beauty of simplicity and the depth of flavor that defines this culinary tradition.


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Equipment and Services

  • Air conditioning

  • Meals at the counter

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  • Amex

  • Discover

  • Japan Credit Bureau

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  • Visa



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